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How to Use Scented Candles to Hide Household Odours?

Household odours can be an unwelcome intruder in any home, affecting the overall ambiance and comfort of your living space. While maintaining cleanliness is paramount, sometimes persistent odours still linger. This is where scented candles come in, offering an elegant and aromatic way to mask unwanted smells.  

Today, we’ll explore how to remove odour from a room and keep your house smelling good all the time using our range of essential oil candles—Peppermint, Thyme, Lemongrass, Lavender, and many more.

What is the Source of Household Odours?

Before diving into the specifics of scented candles, it's important to understand common sources of household odours:

  1. Cooking odours: Strong-smelling foods like fish, garlic, and spices can leave lingering scents.

  2. Pets: Pet hair, litter boxes, and accidents can create unpleasant smells.

  3. Bathroom odours: Moisture and bacteria can lead to persistent smells.

  4. Garbage: Accumulated waste and decomposing food can produce strong odours.

  5. Smoke: Tobacco and other smoke sources can deeply penetrate fabrics and surfaces.

Each of these odours can be tackled with the right approach using scented candles.

Science of Scented Candles

Scented candles work by releasing aromas into the air as they burn. They are made of essential oils. These oils can mask or neutralise unwanted odours, depending on their properties. Essential oils, derived from natural sources, not only provide pleasant aromas but also offer therapeutic benefits.

Choosing the Right Scent for Each Room

Different rooms and types of odours may require different scents to be most effective. Let’s explore the best way to make a house smell good using each of our essential oil candles to address specific household odours.

1. Peppermint Essential Oil Candle

Ideal for: Kitchen and Bathroom.

How to remove odour from a room: Peppermint has a strong, invigorating scent that can effectively cut through cooking odours and bathroom smells. Its natural antibacterial properties also make it a great choice for these areas.

Usage Tips:

  • In the Kitchen: Light a peppermint candle after cooking fish, garlic, or other strong-smelling foods. The fresh, minty aroma will quickly replace lingering cooking odours.

  • In the Bathroom: Use a peppermint candle to freshen up the space, especially after using strong cleaning products or if there’s persistent moisture.

2. Thyme Essential Oil Candle

Ideal for: Living Room and Entryway

How to keep your house smelling good all the time: Thyme has a herbaceous, earthy scent that is excellent for neutralising pet odours and smoke. Its clean aroma creates a welcoming environment, making it perfect for areas where guests are entertained.

Usage Tips:

  • In the Living Room: Light a thyme candle to keep the air fresh if you have pets. It can also help mask any residual smells from smoke.

  • In the Entryway: Use a thyme candle to greet visitors with a clean, refreshing scent as they enter your home.

3. Lemongrass Essential Oil Candle

Ideal for: Kitchen and Dining Room

What absorbs bad smells in a room: Lemongrass has a crisp, citrusy aroma that is particularly effective at combating food smells and adding a refreshing note to the air.

Usage Tips:

  • In the Kitchen: Light a lemongrass candle while cooking or immediately afterward to neutralise strong odours from frying or boiling.

  • In the Dining Room: Use a lemongrass candle to maintain a fresh atmosphere during and after meals.

4. Lavender Essential Oil Candle

Ideal for: Bedroom and Bathroom

How to get rid of smell in the house: Lavender is renowned for its calming properties and can help create a relaxing environment while also masking odours.

Usage Tips:

  • In the Bedroom: Light a lavender candle in the evening to create a serene ambiance and keep the air smelling fresh.

  • In the Bathroom: Use a lavender candle to provide a spa-like experience and neutralise any unpleasant smells.

5. Tangerine Essential Oil Candle

Ideal for: Living Room and Office

Make the house smell good: Tangerine has a bright, uplifting scent that is perfect for spaces where you want to boost mood and energy while keeping the air fresh.

Usage Tips:

  • In the Living Room: Light a tangerine candle during the day to create an invigorating environment.

  • In the Office: Use a tangerine candle to enhance focus and maintain a pleasant atmosphere while working.

6. Cinnamon Essential Oil Candle

Ideal for: Kitchen and Dining Room

Best way to make a house smell good: Cinnamon6 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Candles offers a warm, spicy aroma that is great for masking cooking odours and creating a cosy ambiance.

Usage Tips:

  • In the Kitchen: Light a cinnamon candle when baking or preparing meals with strong spices to complement the food scents while neutralising any lingering smells.

  • In the Dining Room: Use a cinnamon candle during meals to enhance the dining experience with its inviting aroma.

Tip: By choosing Sea Zen's scented candles, you're not just masking odours; you're enhancing your living space with therapeutic aromas that promote relaxation and well-being. Illuminate your home with our candles and experience the difference of natural, refreshing aromas that leave your home smelling delightful. 

Best Practices for Using Scented Candles

To get the most out of your scented candles, follow these best practices:

1.Proper Placement

Place candles in areas where odours are strongest but ensure they are away from flammable items and drafts.


Light candles about 30 minutes before you need them to be most effective.

Never leave a burning candle unattended and keep them out of reach of children and pets.

4.Candle Care

Trim the wick to 6.35 mm before each use to ensure a clean, even burn and reduce soot


While candles can mask odours, it’s also important to ventilate your home regularly to remove stale air and pollutants.

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Scented candles are a versatile and stylish solution for managing household odours. By choosing the right essential oil candle for each room and odour type, you can keep your house smelling good all the time. 

Illuminate your home with the soothing glow and aromas of our candles, and enjoy a cleaner, more pleasant environment every day.

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