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Scented Candles Gisborne

Sea Zen's Scented Candles in Gisborne evoke relaxation, tranquility, and bliss. Inspire your senses with our candles, handmade with care to transport you to a state of pure zen.

Best Way to Care for Candles

  • Allow the entire wax surface to melt on the first burn to prevent tunneling (uneven burning).

  • Trim the wick to 5mm (half a pinky nail) after the first burn and before every use to ensure a clean and efficient burn.

  • To prevent uneven burning and potential fire hazards, keep lit candles away from fans, windows, and air vents.

  • Maintain fragrance and protection from dust by keeping unlit candles in a cool, dry place with their lids on.


Scented Candles in Gisborne

Lavender Scented Candles


Feel relaxed with our Lavender Scented Candles in Gisborne. Featuring the calming scent of freshly picked lavender flowers, these candles bring a sense of peace and tranquility to your space.

Lemongrass Scented Candles


Find serenity with our Lemongrass Scented Candles in Gisborne. Infused with the crisp, citrusy aroma of lemongrass, these candles create a tranquil ambiance that promotes relaxation.

Tangerine Scented Candles


Energize your space with our Tangerine Scented Candles in Gisborne. Bursting with the invigorating scent of ripe tangerines, these candles uplift your mood and refresh your senses.

Cinnamon Scented Candles


Cozy up with our Cinnamon Scented Candles in Gisborne. With the warm and inviting aroma of cinnamon sticks, these candles infuse your home with a comforting ambiance, perfect for chilly evenings.

Looking for Scented Candles in Gisborne ?

Try Sea Zen's Candle Finder Quiz to find your ideal scented candle. Find serenity with our diverse range of scents. Take the quiz now and enjoy a relaxing moment!

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