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Scented Candles Taranaki

Enjoy a moment of relaxation as you breathe in the soothing aromas of Sea Zen's scented candles in Taranaki. After a long day, let our handcrafted candles rejuvenate your mind and body with tranquility and peace.

Enhance Body & Mind

Pure Essential Oils

Hand-Made in NZ

No Synthetic Fragrances

Why Our Aromatherapy Candles Are Special?

We use only the finest natural ingredients in our candles, including pure essential oils, natural waxes, and lead-free cotton wicks. Each of our candles is carefully crafted to deliver specific aromatherapeutic benefits. 

Illuminate your life with our candles and discover the transformative power of aromatherapy today. Looking for scented candles in Taranaki.

Find the Best Scented Candles for you!

We've got your perfect scent waiting for you with our Candle Finder Quiz! Answer a few questions and find the ideal candle to elevate your space. Experience the magic of Sea Zen's scented candles in Taranaki today!

Our Best Scented Candles

Amazing!! High quality candles that are made with love; a decadent scent that fills up the room without being overwhelming or smelling in any way commercial or 'cheap'. I always make sure to light a Sea Zen candle whenever I'm entertaining guests, and the smell always brings compliments. It's impossible to go wrong with a Sea Zen candle - my favourite scent is Lemongrass, but they're all incredible!
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