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Follow these tips for a long-lasting and clean burning candle.

Enhance your candle experience with these four simple steps.

Candle Tip #1

Allow the candle to create a full 'melt pool'

On the first burn it's important to allow the candle wax to fully melt and reach the edges of the tin to prevent tunnelling. This process may take a couple hours, depending on the environmental conditions.

Candle Tip #2

Trim the wick

For optimal burning trim the wick to 5mm (approx. half a pinky nail) after the first burn and before each subsequent lighting. Use scissors or a wick trimmer for cutting. Trimming the wick improves the candles efficiency.

Candle Tip #3

Avoid air flow

Avoid placing candles near open windows, fans, or any other sources of air movement. Drafts or breezes can cause the flame to burn unevenly (and can pose a fire risk).

Image by Delaney Van
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Candle Tip #4

Keep the candle clean

To keep candles free from dust and debris, store them in a cool, dry place with the lid on.

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