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My Story

How Candles and Aromatherapy Gave Me Purpose

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Created the first Sea Zen candle

December 14th, 2021

In early 2021, my life took an unexpected turn. 

A sports injury from football sidelined me for 18 grueling months. Football was my purpose, my joy, and losing it devastated my mental health. 

One evening, my family suggested I try getting into candles – they have always been a fascination. Within a week, I ordered a candle-making kit. I fell in love with the therapeutic process, offering a productive escape from tedious physio exercises. Delving further into candle making, I discovered essential oils and aromatherapy, known to boost mood, ease stress, and enhance well-being. I had to try it out!


That is when I decided to turn this passion into a small business. Aromatherapy with candles became my sanctuary, aiding my emotional journey and restoring purpose. A few months later... through hard work, testing, and behind-the-scenes effort, Sea Zen was born.

I wanted my candles to be crafted using natural products while valuing sustainability and the environment. I envisioned them as "health and wellness" candles, free from nasties, clean, and beneficial.

Along the way, I adopted self-help methods: cold swims, reading, meditation, and nature reconnection, among others. They transformed me, and regained my happiness.


Today, I'm injury-free and back to playing the sport I love. Sea Zen isn't just a business; it embodies the power of self-care and holistic well-being. These practices contributed to my gradual transformation and the return of my happiness.

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Fully Recovered and Embracing Life to the Fullest.

Janurary 2023

My purpose is clear: to help others escape the darkness I onced experienced, aid those on their self-betterment journey, or simply offer a tranquil moment with a burning candle. Sea Zen is a vessel for positive change and personal growth, and I can't wait to share its benefits with the world.


Sea Zen Founder

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